Winter weather

In weather terms we are into my least favourite time of year now; cold, wet, snowy, dark. It’s also the busiest time of year for testing cattle for tuberculosis. This can be an enjoyable job in fine weather: easy, low stress (unless you have to tell a farmer his cattle have TB), a chance to have a chat with the farmers and top up your sun tan! This time of year it’s more often a battle to keep yourself and your paperwork dry, as the rain lashes down and the wind howls across the farmyard, and, as it’s a job that involves a lot of standing around, your fingers and toes start to loose feeling. I often have to resort to jumping up and down or running on the spot to generate some heat. This year however younger Clive is keen to do as much TB work as possible so he’s heading out in all weathers whilst I’m spending more time in the warm at the surgery – lovely!
There’s been a run of orthopaedic jobs since the New Year. Becky had to wire a cat’s jaw after it was broken in an argument with a car.  A similar accident led to a broken leg in a Labrador with the added complication of multiple skin wounds including where the broken bone had poked out through the skin. He’s doing well after having a metal plate screwed in place to stabilise the fracture.  Another unfortunate Labrador ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in both knee joints at the same time requiring an operation to insert replacements in both. She also has been doing well;- we are lucky that dogs and cats make such resilient patients
Roll on the warmer, longer, sunnier days of spring!


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