Tuberculosis testing season

Feb 2014

We are now at the peak of the tuberculosis testing season. This is done where possible whilst the cattle are housed and conveniently sited for the test, and there is always a rush now to get the bulk of the herds finished before lambing begins. Cattle are run through a device called a crush where they can be held still to receive injections of tuberculin into the skin, and we return three days later to look for any reaction which might suggest they have the disease.

For reasons of lack of space inside the sheds many farmers still site their crush outside in the yard. Of course this winter that has often made tb testing a rather damp experience. Earlier this month I was particularly fed up as a strong wind lashed the rain against us and I discovered my ‘waterproof’ coat was allowing the rain to soak through so that I was drenched before we finished. The next morning I called into Corwen Farmers and found a wonderful waterproof boilersuit with warm padding inside. They only had extra large size left so I now look like a green astronaut; but I’m lovely and cosy inside.

Unfortunately the Llangollen area has seen a resurgence of tb. It is of no danger to humans nearby, but it’s very sad for a farmer to lose a herd built up over many years.

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