Tight spot this month when called to visit a sick dog.

 Dec 2012

I got into a rather tight spot this month when called to visit a sick dog. The client lives at the bottom of a steep muddy drive with two hairpin bends. I remembered Mr Woodhall getting stuck there over 20 years ago so I didn’t immediately drive right down but left my trucktor (as my kids have been known to refer to my splendid vehicle) at the top and walked down. However, it became apparent that the dog would need to be euthanased. Having carried this out the owners, who I’m sure will not be insulted if I describe them as not in the first flush of youth, asked me to take the (large) body for cremation.

I therefore had to drive down to the house but (I think you may be running ahead of me here!) couldn’t get back up the hill again as the wheels wouldn’t grip in the mud. The client tried towing me out with his 4 wheel drive vehicle but we couldn’t get past the 2nd hairpin bend. At one point we undid the tow rope so I could descend for another try. I got out of my vehicle but as the other truck approached it skidded and rammed into the back of mine pushing it off down the hill. I thought at first it would go over the edge but it kept to the track, fortunately stopping just as it was about to collide with the clients new car parked at the bottom of the hill!
After several failed attempts I called Kenrick Motors who came to assess the situation and then returned with a winch which they attached to a tree and finally extricated me.

The only saving grace was that this used up the two hours I’d put aside for paperwork – drat! But of course the paperwork is still waiting.


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