Problems with technology at work

June 2014

The two printers in Llangollen were both

faulty so I fetched an identical printer from our Acrefair surgery and plugged it into the network. It didn’t work so I contacted our software suppliers who explained the different printer would have to be installed into the system. When they tried this some little black electrical linking box hiding under the desk appeared to break. Now we couldn’t print labels for prescription items either. The saga goes on for another week with with new linking boxes, new wires, lots of old fashioned writing things by hand, me tearing my hair out, before a visit by a technician at a cost of £200 finally sorted theproblem.

Today I’ve been trimming two pigs’ toe nails! The owner said they would be nice and quiet and they were – until I went into action with the clippers. Then of course they demonstrated how much stronger than us they were and how loud and high pitched a squeal they could make. The female, though smaller, was the most difficult – not the only species to which that rule applies – and had to be sedated. We needed a cup of tea after that I can tell you!

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