Operated on a vomitting dog

Nov 2012

  Earlier today I operated on a vomitting dog to remove a conker obstructing his small intestine. Apart from having lost the glossy appearance when they first come out of the shell the conker was completely unblemished. The dog must have swallowed it without chewing at all – pretty uncomfortable you would have thought as it was an inch and a half long! Regular readers of this column will, however, not be surprised by the items dogs eat in order, possibly, to inflict damage upon their owners’ bank balance. As the conker popped out through the incision I’d made the nurse and I pondered as to why we do not have problems with them more often as I think if I was a dog it would be very satisfying to pick up a conker to play with. Edible nuts (walnuts, Brazil nuts,) I have removed from dogs’ bowels before, (at least we would regard them as edible if they weren’t, some of them, still in their shells,) but this was the first time I can recall removing a conker.

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