November 2015

I write articles for Llangollen News magazine. One of the other contributors is, apparently, a duck, who writes about life on the River Dee. Here is my article for November.
This month I was privileged to meet for the first time, not a fellow journalist, but a character who has featured in news items many times. One of the builders at the new supermarket site came rushing in with a cardboard box and told how he had been standing by a window newly fitted in the outside of the building when Kylie Kingfisher had come zooming over the hedge and crashed straight into the glass. Whether she thought that the shop was open for business and she might get some bargains in the tinned fish aisle, or whether she caught sight of her reflection in the glass and was attempting amorous advances, she was incapable of saying as she had collapsed unconscious on the ground.
When I picked her out of the box she was coming round but gazing at stars; her little head was pointed up at the ceiling and moving from side to side. I have to say her plumage was as gorgeous as ever though. There were no broken bones fortunately so we put her in a cage in a darkened room. Before very long she was back to her usual self, if rather cross, so I took her down to the river bank and let her go. She zipped across the river and disappeared. Not a word of thanks!
We recommend that all rabbits who spend anytime outside the house be vaccinated against Myxomatosis. This nasty disease is almost always fatal but can be prevented by vaccination. The vaccine has been difficult to get hold of lately but we have just taken delivery of a large multi-dose bottle which is likely to be our only supply for several months The bottle has to be used in one day so we have chosen a day in early November. Please get in touch if you want to take advantage of this.

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