News July 2016

A rather macabre tale this month for the chapter ‘Things that dogs eat which they shouldn’t.’
A client told me a tale about her dog, a sweet little thing, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, etc. etc. This dog suffers from multiple allergies so is confined to the fenced off section of the garden close to the house where all plant life has been removed and replaced by concrete and paving stones to stop contact with potential allergens. One morning the dog (who shall remain nameless, to save her embarrassment,) had gone missing, only to be heard scratching about in the far part of the garden from where she was normally banned. She had squeezed through a gap in the fence. When the owner approached she found a hole had been dug in the soil and some bones were scattered about. Closer examination revealed some bits of material. It took a couple of moments before it dawned on her that this was the blanket they had used to wrap the body of their previous dog when they had buried her about 8 years previously!
The good news was she wasn’t allergic to any of these bits and pieces!
That story reminded me of the Labrador which fell into a deep sleep as a result of barbiturate poisoning, later confirmed by a laboratory. Shortly beforehand she was seen to eat a dead chicken she appeared to have dug up on a neighbour’s land. We could only assume said chicken had been euthanased with barbiturate. The dog made a complete recovery by the way.

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