Data protection and privacy

We keep the following information about our clients on computers and back up systems in our premises: name, address, mobile and landline phone numbers, email addresses and amount of money owed. We have a legal obligation to store this information in order to comply with rules set by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Please update us if you change any of these details.
Client data is used to store patient histories and the payment for our services and can be accessed by all employees only whilst at work using password protected software.
We may use their data to contact owners where there are legitimate interests. This applies to reminders about appointments, vaccinations and other preventative healthcare.
In general your data is confidential but there are situations where we need to share your data with other data processors; in particular, insurance companies, other veterinary practices involved with the treatment of your animals, veterinary laboratories and microchip databases. This sharing of data is part of the implied contract you have with us to supply animal healthcare.
If you owe us money at the end of our financial year (March 31st) some basic data may be shared with our accountant, and if you owe us money for longer than 3 months we may share your data with a debt collection agency. This is necessary for our legitimate interests.
You have the right to see the data we hold on you and also to have it deleted from our system if more than 7 years have passed since we last dealt with you and you don’t owe us any money.

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