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Feb 2013 I enjoy all forms of surgery as it involves using manual skills as well as my brain. Orthopaedic surgery involves the use of a drill, screws, screwdriver and metal pins, rather like carpentry. This month I dealt with a whippet which had escaped from the owner’s garden and been run over, sustaining a […]

Tuberculosis testing season

Feb 2014 We are now at the peak of the tuberculosis testing season. This is done where possible whilst the cattle are housed and conveniently sited for the test, and there is always a rush now to get the bulk of the herds finished before lambing begins. Cattle are run through a device called a […]

Problems with technology at work

June 2014 The two printers in Llangollen were both faulty so I fetched an identical printer from our Acrefair surgery and plugged it into the network. It didn’t work so I contacted our software suppliers who explained the different printer would have to be installed into the system. When they tried this some little black electrical […]

Goodbye to our American Vet Geoff

April 2014 At the end of April we are sadly saying goodbye to our American vet Geoff. He is having problems with his back and moving to a job he hopes will be less physically demanding. We will miss his “Hey Dude!” and “Awesome!” but wish him well along with his wife Ana, son Luke […]

Wonderful weather for dog walkers lately

March 2014 Spring has sprung! It’s been wonderful weather for dog walkers lately. My two lurchers love to run and chase each other in the sunshine, whereas in the rain Mabel plods along looking depressed. Even the farmers have been happy about the weather as the ground has been drying out though they won’t get too […]

Recent incidents of dogs

January 2014 A few incidents recently of dogs overindulging on chocolate. In one case the offender pulled lots of foil covered chocolate decorations off the Christmas tree and ate them including the foil! Other cases involved raiding boxes of chocolates. All such cases tend to have some impact on the digestive system; diarrhoea or difficulty […]


December 2013 First I would like to apologise to any pupils at Dinas Bran who wanted A chat with me at their careers evening but missed me. I was there for half an hour but then got called to an emergency; a dog bleeding internally from a ruptured splenic tumour. The dog had to have […]

Seasonal itches

October 2013 Seasonal itches have kept us busy since the hot weather started. A combination of heat, allergies, fleas and harvest mites have been driving our pets mad! A surprising number of people still start by using pet shop spot-on insecticides before turning to their vet when these don’t work. They are generally very old […]

Warm weather

July 2013 Warm weather with some sunshine:- it’s better than this time last year. It makes you feel more cheerful and, for reasons I’m unclear about, always makes us busier. I don’t see why pets should become more ill in good weather. Perhaps they get out more and therefore come across more diseases. They are also […]

Lambing problems

June 2013 It sometimes seems to me that there are more dogs than people ‘working’ at our surgery! Lynda acquired a miniature poodle pup ‘Polly’ last year and she is unbelievably cute;- even those who usually don’t like little dogs usually take to her because she is so friendly. People regularly come in just to […]