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Data protection and privacy

DEE VALLEY VETS: DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY POLICY We keep the following information about our clients on computers and back up systems in our premises: name, address, mobile and landline phone numbers, email addresses and amount of money owed. We have a legal obligation to store this information in order to comply with rules set […]

End of PDSA Petaid

21st November 2017 Sadly the PDSA Petaid scheme, which has helped many sick and injured pets over the years, is coming to an end, as the charity no longer has sufficient funds. Current certificates will be honoured until they expire and there will be ongoing help for registered pets with existing expensive ailments such as […]

News July 2016

A rather macabre tale this month for the chapter ‘Things that dogs eat which they shouldn’t.’ A client told me a tale about her dog, a sweet little thing, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, etc. etc. This dog suffers from multiple allergies so is confined to the fenced off section of the garden close […]

November 2015

I write articles for Llangollen News magazine. One of the other contributors is, apparently, a duck, who writes about life on the River Dee. Here is my article for November. This month I was privileged to meet for the first time, not a fellow journalist, but a character who has featured in news items many […]

Rabbit Vaccination

Myxamatosis vaccine is difficult to get hold of at the moment. We are having a delivery soon. Please get in touch if you have a rabbit that needs vaccination (if they go outside they ought to be protected).

Please sponsor me!

This month I’ve been building up my cycle training in preparation for the event I’m taking part in on August 9th. In recent weeks I’ve done 4 rides of over 100 miles (only just over: I usually end up having to do a detour for a mile or two in order to break that barrier!) and […]


It’s amazing how Friday is so often a busy day. Monday is predictably busy as it follows the weekend when, though there is always a vet on call, clients tend to try not to disturb us, partly because they want to be nice to us, and partly because they know it will be more expensive! […]

April 2015

Well, Becky and younger Clive (the two other vets in the practice) are married! (For a full report see the next issue of Hello magazine.) However, it wouldn’t be Becky without a bit of drama, and, sure enough, the ceremony very nearly didn’t take place! My phone rang about 10pm the night before the wedding. […]

Winter weather

In weather terms we are into my least favourite time of year now; cold, wet, snowy, dark. It’s also the busiest time of year for testing cattle for tuberculosis. This can be an enjoyable job in fine weather: easy, low stress (unless you have to tell a farmer his cattle have TB), a chance to […]

Dangerous Work 2011

One of the best things about being a vet is the variety of work. All sorts of creatures from large farm animals to tiny childrens’ pets and birds. We need to provide a range of treatments combining the skills of a GP with those of a hospital surgeon in a way that Doctors can’t. So, even […]