April 2015

Well, Becky and younger Clive (the two other vets in the practice) are married! (For a full report see the next issue of Hello magazine.) However, it wouldn’t be Becky without a bit of drama, and, sure enough, the ceremony very nearly didn’t take place!
My phone rang about 10pm the night before the wedding. It was Becky: ‘Can you help us save the wedding?’ They had turned up at the church for the rehearsal to find a different vicar from the one they’d met a few weeks earlier to discuss (and pay for) the wedding. ‘The other one’s on holiday’ they were told. ‘It’s strange he didn’t tell us’ they thought, ‘but anyway let’s carry on.’ ‘Where’s your banns certificate?’ they were asked. ‘Oh, the other vicar was sorting that.’ ‘Ah, but you must have a certificate,’ they were told.
This is where it gets complicated and I don’t quite understand the ins and outs of the rules of marriage in Britain. Becky and Clive own a house in Alderley Edge (near where they used to work) and Becky’s father owns a field by the church in the neighbouring parish of Nether Alderley where the wedding was booked, with the reception to take place in a marquee in the field. The banns had definitely been read in one of these places but not the other, unbeknown to our now worried couple ‘The wedding can’t take place’ said the vicar. Clive and Becky, now distraught, thought ‘what can we do?’ – cancel the wedding, just go ahead with a party they’d already sorted?
Just when their whole world seemed to be collapsing somebody had an idea. ‘You could get married in Alderley Edge instead if you can prove you live there.’ The vicar said she would need proof of residence and then they could marry at 11am in Alderley Edge when there happened to be a vacant slot and then have a second ceremony in Nether Alderley at 2pm when everybody else was expected!
This is where I came in. I had to drive up to Becky and Clive’s rented house in Carrog where our locum was staying to find the necessary documents. I knew Marion (the locum) went to bed early and her phone was switched off, so there was I hammering at the door and shouting ‘Marion’ from the garden. it took about 10 minutes before I finally was heard so I must apologise to the neighbours. Having found the necessary documents I met younger Clive in Sainsbury’s car park in Wrexham where I handed them over. Anybody viewing CCTV camera footage must have thought something dodgy was going on!
So it was that the wedding took place in one church at 11am, with Becky wearing wellington boots and curlers in her hair, followed by a ceremony at another church (with Becky, now looking stunning, allowably late,) with the wording subtly altered by the fact they were already married!
The reception was brilliant and they’ve now headed off, exhausted, on honeymoon!

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